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2013 August

21 Aug


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We must fight knife crime

August 21, 2013 | By | No Comments

DSC_0023I was shocked and horrified to hear the news a young boy was stabbed in Spey Street, Poplar last week. In one month this community has lost two decent people, who had their lives ahead of them, because of a knife. Both of them were keen boxing enthusiasts, Liam had just passed his driving test and Ajmol was due to collect his GCSE results this week.

When we hear about such tragedies our first reaction is to mourn the loss of life. Our next reaction is then to look at the cause behind these terrible murders, often with fear and anger. Knife crime has always been a problem but, no matter how much we hear that it’s getting better, when something like this happens on our doorstep it shakes the belief that our neighbourhoods are becoming safer.

We must, however, take solace in the community and police response to these tragedies.The Met’s reaction is certainly worthy of considerable praise.In relation to both killings officers have apprehended suspects within 24 hours and they’ve also been there to reassure people.The community, for its part, has shown that these crimes are a rare occurrence, committed by cowards who are the only people standing in the way of progress.

In the coming months and years we must continue the good work that’s already making our streets safer in the hope that one day stabbings like these will be a thing of the past.


07 Aug


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I want your view on cycle safety

August 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

I’m calling on constituents to get in touch with their views on cycle safety in London ahead of a Commons debate on cycling.

MPs will be debating 18 Get Britain Cycling safety recommendations that could make cycling safer and more popular for millions of people in Britain when we return in September. After hearing from several constituents who have a strong view on cycle safety in the capital I want to put the views of my constituents, if I’m chosen to speak, at the heart of my speech.

A personal view on cycle safety from local people will be an invaluable resource going into the debate.

Instead of telling people what I’m going to say I want to hear from people and give constituents the chance be a part of this very important conversation on cycle safety.

The public can let me know what they think by tweeting @FitzMP, by using the comments section below or by emailing on jim.fitzpatrick.mp@parliament.uk. Please entitle all emails ‘Cycle Safe’. Comments used in the Commons speech will be credited.

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