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2016 December

20 Dec


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Leasehold Reform Debate

December 20, 2016 | By | No Comments

Sir Peter Bottomley and I secured a backbench business debate in the House of Commons to discuss leasehold reform.

There are over 4 million leaseholders across England and Wales and tens of thousands in Tower Hamlets. At the debate, I raised the concerns of residents from two large private sites, Canary Riverside and West India Quay, both of which are controlled by John Cristodoulou under the Yianis Group and leaseholders in former council owned homes which were purchased under right-to-buy legislation. Problems of service charges, refurbishment costs and inaccurate billing have plagued the former social sector homes. Sadly these are only a few examples of the many problems faced by leaseholders across the country.

Please follow the links to watch or read the debate in full.

For more information and help, please head to Leasehold Knowledge Partnership.

16 Dec


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Fitz Weekly: 16 December 2016

December 16, 2016 | By | No Comments

Click here to check out the new edition of Fitz Weekly- the best way for constituents in Poplar & Limehouse to keep up to date.

15 Dec


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Westminster Hall Debate: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

December 15, 2016 | By | No Comments

I took part in the EFRA debates in Westminster Hall. Following reports from the committee and the government response debates were held on the following topics…

Air Quality: I again raised the issue of the Enderby Wharf cruise ship terminal and the decision to allow Greenwich council to approve the project despite the effect on air pollution it would have on residents of Tower Hamlets and much of London.

You can watch or read the debate in full and for more information please click here.

Greyhound Welfare: I spoke about the need for more to be done to improve standards at kennels and called on the Government to release data on track injuries. Much has been achieved in improving greyhound welfare but an estimated 3000-4000 dogs are still being euthanised every year.

You can watch and read the debate in full and for more information please click here.

14 Dec


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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Commons Select Committee: Rural Tourism oral evidence session

December 14, 2016 | By | No Comments

The EFRA Committee held its second oral evidence session for its Rural tourism in England inquiry with representatives from rural businesses.

You can watch the evidence session in full and for more information please click here.

13 Dec


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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Commons Select Committee: Air Quality oral evidence session

December 13, 2016 | By | No Comments

The EFRA committee heard from the air quality Minister, Dr Therese Coffey and transport minister, John Hayes in an oral evidence session on air pollution.

I questioned the decision to allow the go ahead for the cruise ship terminal at Enderby Wharf to rest with Greenwich council and highlighted the impact it will have on the whole of London.

You can watch the evidence session in full and for more information please click here.

13 Dec


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Backbench Business Committee: Leasehold and Commonhold reform

December 13, 2016 | By | No Comments

Sir Peter Bottomley and I went in front of the Backbench Business Committee to present our case for a debate on leasehold and commonhold reform and were granted a 3 hour debate on the topic in the House of Commons this coming Tuesday.

We recently set up an All-Party Parliamentary Group on leasehold and commonhold issues, to which over 50 MPs and Peers have already signed up. The issues we’re looking at compromise everything from exorbitant ground rent charges to problems with retirement homes. Leaseholds effect millions of homeowners across the country including many residents in Tower Hamlets.

You can watch our bid and please head to www.leaseholdknowledge.com for further information.

09 Dec


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Fitz Weekly: 9 December 2016

December 9, 2016 | By | No Comments

Click here to check out the new edition of Fitz Weekly- the best way for constituents in Poplar & Limehouse to keep up to date.

09 Dec


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Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick joins in feline festivities at Parliamentary reception

December 9, 2016 | By | No Comments

Jim Fitzpatrick joined other politicians at a parliamentary reception to celebrate the work of Cats Protection and help the charity come up with names for unwanted cats that come into its care.

The event, held at the House of Commons, was hosted on the charity’s behalf by Sheryll Murray MP to highlight its work in campaigning on issues affecting cat welfare in the UK. Cats Protection is the UK’s largest cat charity, helping around 200,000 cats every year through a network of over 250 voluntary-run branches and 32 centres.

The charity’s Advocacy Manager Jacqui Cuff said:

“Cats are one of the nation’s favourite pets so it was wonderful to welcome so many politicians to discuss how we can improve feline welfare in the UK.

“Sadly, despite their popularity, we see huge numbers of cats and kittens coming into our care every year. Cats Protection works tirelessly to tackle the root of the problem, by promoting neutering and offering advice and information on responsible cat ownership.

“This year we have also launched our True Cost of Kittens campaign to highlight a growing kitten breeding industry which frequently puts profit before welfare. As part of this campaign, we’ve been calling for a change in the law to better protect kittens and breeding cats from poor breeding practices that frequently lead to serious health issues.

“Throughout the year, we have been asking MPs for their help in pushing forward these changes which will greatly improve the welfare of cats in the UK. So this Christmas, we thought we’d ask them to get involved in one of the more creative and fun areas of our work – coming up with names for the cats in our care.

“There’s been some lovely suggestions and we’ll be choosing our seven favourites – one for every day of the week – which will be used for cats that come into our care during the New Year.”

To find out more about Cats Protection’s advocacy work, please visit: www.cats.org.uk/speakingupforcats.


08 Dec


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Backbench Business Debate: Cancer Strategy one year on

December 8, 2016 | By | No Comments

I took part in a debate on the government’s cancer strategy and highlighted the progress made and improvements still needed in cancer services.

Thank you to Action on Smoking & Health, Cancer Research UK & British Lung Foundation for all your work and the research provided.

Please follow the links to watch or read the debate in full.

05 Dec


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Bank fines celebrated by Minister at Air Ambulance Reception

December 5, 2016 | By | No Comments

A reception held by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances (APPGAA) took place on the House of Commons Terrace. The event, hosted by Chairman of the APPGAA Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse, gave members of both Houses of Parliament the opportunity to meet with representatives from air ambulance charities and ambulance services.

Jim introduced Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Social Society who thanked the APPGAA for all their hard work before addressing the audience. Rob highlighted the excellent outcome of the Autumn Statement last week where air ambulances were a major beneficiary in being awarded £10.8 million from the banking fines fund (LIBOR).

Rob Wilson MP said:

“Air ambulances across the UK have grown to play a key role in our emergency services response capacity. The latest award of £10.8 million is in addition to the £24 million previously allocated in previous statements, however there is a possibility that these funds will run out in the not too distant future.

“The air ambulance network needs to consider not only how to continue saving lives but also ways to enhance the network so that they can continue saving lives into the future. It is making great use of their 2,500 volunteer community in many different ways. The UK is the second most generous nation in the world donating £11 billion to good causes. My goal is to create an environment so that the voluntary sector can create a sustainable future. The public must trust that their fundraising is going to great causes and you have my continued support as the Minister of Social Society.

Hannah Sebright, Chair of the Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) responded and said:

“I would like to thank the Minister and Central Government for their continued support. The recognition that Central Government affords us in giving greater visibility and raising our profile, is a goal that we are all working towards because it’s essential that we remain in the public domain.

“We are however, aware of the financial constraints on the NHS and our Ambulance Service colleagues. This is why it is a priority that through the AAA we work continue to work together in our communities and support our NHS Trusts by continually improving our services.”

Hanna explained that the AAA has ambitious plans for 2017 and highlighted a number of key projects including input on the Ambulance Radio Programme which will impact all AAA members, as well as other emergency service providers. She also said that the AAA recognises that with the extension of flight time limitations, it had the potential to impact on the number of paramedics needed as technical crew members and pressed the need to develop a cohesive national lit helipad network.

Finally, Hanna concluded in saying:

“The APPGAA’s annual reception is an important date in the calendar and an opportunity for the community to come together and meet with members of Westminster to highlight our successes and discuss our Key Issues. On behalf of the AAA, I would like to thank everyone for being here today, it’s a testament to how passionate we feel about providing the best possible service we can, to the patients we attend to.”

Jim Fitzpatrick MP brought proceedings to a conclusion with a final message of thanks:

“The APPGAA are here as your champions and your advocates in Parliament. Keep providing the amazing service that you do for our constituents; without you, many of them would not be around.”

The Association of Air Ambulances (AAA), which represents the majority of air ambulance charities, ambulance services and the supply chain throughout the UK, supported the reception for the fourth year, bringing patients, charities, ambulance services and legislators together.

More information on the APPGAA, Association of Air Ambulances and the air ambulance community can be found by visiting: www.aoaa.org.uk

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